A Bridge Tradition

After years of preparation, the Interactive Daily Bridge Column was launched on Dec.15, 2012, in collaboration with Great Game Products and Better Bridge.

The Daily Bridge Column has been a tradition in daily newspapers. Players worldwide have enjoyed a daily date with bridge authors and their puzzles--a respite from a busy life, a getaway where the reader could leave all else behind.

The Internet provides the opportunity to deliver a daily bridge column at any time, day or night, and to add essential features. For example, highly accomplished guest columnists. Eddie Kantar is a world champion and a successful, prolific writer. You’ll see why he’s so highly acclaimed when you read his columns.

Press the play button for a more detailed description of what you can expect. I think you’ll love the interactive nature of the column.

You can Learn to Play Bridge on this site. On the front page, you can press Free Download and you’ll have access to software that can teach you how to play. The first chapter is a sample for you to enjoy. You can probably forward it to a friend or relative who has expressed interest in knowing what the game is all about.

This site, Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge, has just re-launched in a new form. It’s set up to expand and to bring you what you want. Watch for information on how to fill out your convention card...coming soon.

Email me at audrey@audreygrant.com and let me know how you enjoy the columns...what’s your favorite?

All the best,

Audrey Grant