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Bridge Basics: An Introduction
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These online lessons are designed for the absolute beginner who enjoys an interactive learning experience. They are also ideal for someone who is returning to the game and is interested in learning the fundamentals of modern bridge.

Starting with the basics, each online lesson builds on the previous one and takes you through a journey into bidding, play, and defense – the three essential components – and how they apply in a bridge deal.

Join Audrey Grant and David Lindop Live on Zoom for a two-hour lesson and live Q&A along the way. You’ll get comfortable with each concept through a variety of examples, deals and quizzes. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in an optional practice game in the week that follows the lesson.

Here’s what our participants have to say:

“The precise but simple explanations are encouraging to every absolute beginner.”

“I am having a terrific time learning the game with your books and your lessons. Initially,
I was scared to death of the difficulty of learning the new game. But you have
structured everything so well I am actually having fun. Thanks so much!









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