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A new interactive bridge column every day! Bid, play, and defend hands; try a quiz; listen to what the experts have to say.              

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The Interactive Daily Bridge Column Receives Five-Star App Reviews

"The best Bridge app I have found and tried. Allows you to go back and try different ways to accomplish your contract and explains rationale well."

Best of Bridge
"What can I say? It’s a 10! Excellent tool for perfecting your bridge skills. Columns are interesting and the interactive tool is fantastic."

A Great Learning Tool
"Fabulous! I have learned to play bridge with confidence thanks to these well thought out lessons and daily columns."

Great Column.
"I have only had access for a few days, but I am finding the column stretching my thinking about all aspects of the game."


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The Better Bridge Library

Interested in learning the best way to fill out a convention card? Looking for an explanation of the negative double? Wondering what the term "Advancer" means? Visit the Better Bridge Library.

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Interested in teaching using the Better Bridge material?

The Better Bridge Teachers' website addresses Methodology, Material, and Marketing for the bridge teacher. Register to receive the bi-monthly Teachers' Newsletter and more!

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Bridge Basics 1

Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey

New to the game? Listen to Audrey explaining the concepts; play practice deals with skilled robots; review what you learn through interactive quizzes.

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Cappelletti Convention

One of the most frequent requests that we've had is for software on popular conventions. We think you'll love our first piece of software on this topic - The Cappelletti Convention.

Even if you don't plan to use the convention, the software will improve your hand valuation techniques. World class player David Lindop illustrates how to fill out the convention card using Cappelletti, he also speaks about the alert procedure.

There are quizzes to consolidate your knowledge. This product is comprehensive!




Five Steps To Simplify the End Play

These interactive lessons simplify the endplay, making it accessible to players with a wide range of experience and skill.

The idea, that even in the face of bad luck, there is a way to make the contract, has fascinated bridge players for decades. By following Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay you will experience the magic of this technique.

While you’re learning and practicing this specific skill, you’ll notice your declarer play improves.



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