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5 Interactive lessons to simplify the endplay, making it accessible to players with a wide range of experience and skill. The idea, that even in the face of bad luck, there is a way to make the contract, has fascinated bridge players for decades.

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The Better Bridge Library

Interested in learning the best way to fill out a convention card? Looking for an explanation of the negative double? Wondering what the term "Advancer" means? Visit the Better Bridge Library.

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Summer 2014: Las Vegas

One of the requests you’ve put forth is that we introduce a top woman player. We’re delighted to include an interview with Jenny Wolpert, the youngest player to win the Blue Ribbon Pairs and a World Champion. At a very young age, she has been a recognized member of the bridge community. We hope to have Jenny as a guest writer for the Interactive Better Bridge Daily Bridge Column. We’ll keep you posted on the details. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy meeting Jenny through this video.

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