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Bridge Basics 1

Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey

New to the game? Listen to Audrey explaining the concepts; play practice deals with skilled robots; review what you learn through interactive quizzes.

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Sea Island Sea Island Sea Island

Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay

This book simplifies the endplay, making it accessible to players with a wide range of experience and skill. The idea, that even in the face of bad luck, there is a way to make the contract, has fascinated bridge players for decades.

Recipient of the 2014 book of the year award presented at the American Contract Bridge League North American Bridge Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.



The Better Bridge Library

Interested in learning the best way to fill out a convention card? Looking for an explanation of the negative double? Wondering what the term "Advancer" means? Visit the Better Bridge Library.

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Fall 2014

The 2014 World Bridge Championships were held in Sanya, China. World champion Jenny Ryman was one of the competitors. View a profile on Jenny below.

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