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30-Day Subscription for Audrey Grant's Interactive Daily Bridge Column
  Subscribers to the Daily Bridge Column .. More Info
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Bridge-At-A-Glance (2nd Edition)
This slim, portable reference booklet offers concise summaries on the meaning of a wide variety of bids. At-a-Glance’s innovative design has many features: the bids are displayed in front of the pl.. More Info
  Subscribers to the Daily Bridge Column .. More Info
  Subscribers to the Daily Bridge Column .. More Info
  Subscribers to the Daily Bridge Column .. More Info
Five Steps to Simplify the End Play
  Requires : Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS 10.9 or newer, iOS 7 or newer. These interactive lessons simplify the endplay, making it accessible to players with a wide range of experience and skill. The idea, that even in the face of bad luck, there is a way to make the contract, has fascinated bridge players for decades. By following Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay you will experience the magic of this technique... More Info
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Bridge Basics 1 - An Introduction
This book is the perfect introduction to the game of bridge. The first chapter, the basics, provides all the essential information about the fundamental mechanics of the game, and is intended for people who have never encountered bridge... More Info
Bridge Basics 2 - Competitive Bidding
When both sides are bidding for the contract, the meanings of many bids can change. Starting where Bridge Basics 1 left off, the four chapters in this book offer detailed coverage of areas that com.. More Info
Bridge Basics 3 - Popular Conventions
Famous authors and world class players agree that it’s better to know a few conventions thoroughly than a large number superficially. Following this theme, Popular Conventions offers a through grou.. More Info
Five Tips to Simplify Defense – Audrey Grant Bridge Guide – Defense 1
This Bridge Guide encourages players to see the potential of weak hands. When the defenders know the standard opening lead guidelines and how to use signals and the Defenders’ Plan, they start to maximize the partnership’s trick-taking potential on defense, even when holding the weakest hand at the table... More Info
Five Tips to Simplify Entries – Audrey Grant Bridge Guide – Declarer Play 1
Improve your declarer play. Make the most of the entries between declarer and the dummy, even some hiding in full view! An entry is usually considered a high card to give declarer the chance to get to the dummy or to declarer’s hand. Yet an entry from one hand to the other has two parts. There is the winner in the hand you are trying to reach. Equally important is the lower-ranking Link Card that provides the transportation to the entry. Think of Entry as L’Entry as a reminder of the importance of the link card. The Five Tips to Simplify Entries are intriguing, simple, and practical. You’ll be in charge of knowing how to improve your declarer play. Bookmarks.. More Info
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Five Tips to Simplify Card Combinations – Audrey Grant Bridge Guide – Declarer Play 2
The Bridge Guide on Card Combinations is practical because although card combinations can be seen in isolation, a useful way to gain an understanding is to see them in the context of carefully prepared, instructional deals... More Info
The Bookmark Series – The Impact of the Opening Lead Against Notrump Contracts
Click here to see a preview of the book. This book begins with one of the oldest bridge maxims – lead fourth highest from your longest and strongest suit – and then goes on to describe the five.. More Info
Improving Your Judgment 1 – Opening the Bidding
Opening the bidding is an area of the game that provides many chances to improve your judgment and to think critically. The focus of this book is on the opening bid and how it impacts the entire au.. More Info
Improving Your Judgment 2 – Doubles
Doubles takes you beyond the rote application of rules and into the realm of critical and creative thinking. The first three chapters examine the takeout double, advancing a takeout double, and dou.. More Info
Two-Over-One Game Force, with Eric Rodwell
The most recent, widespread bidding trend has been the adoption of two-over-one game force (2/1). Written with Eric Rodwell, a many-time world champion and top bridge theorist, this book takes you .. More Info