The Bookmark Series – Five Steps To Simplify The Endplay

The Bookmark Series – Five Steps To Simplify The Endplay
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While you’re learning and practicing this specific skill, you’ll notice your declarer play improves. The first step, using Declarer’s Plan, is a good habit. You start to know what’s going on in the deal before you play a card to the first trick. The focus is to present the best information to introduce you to the concept of the endplay. I’m confident, you’ll enjoy the game more as a result of having this information at your finger tips.


Author: Audrey Grant




  • Introduction 1. The Basic Idea: Understand What is Going on in the Deal - Use the Five Steps to implement the endplay
  • 2. Recognize a Suit Better Led by a Defender - Improve your odds even when cards are poorly placed
  • 3. Identify the Exit Card to Put a Defender on Lead - Play the exit card near the End of the deal
  • 4. Eliminate the Defender's Options - Play trumps and side suits before the exit card
  • 5. The Throw-In: Put a Defender on Lead with the Exit Card - Play the exit card when the defender has no winning options

 Paperback; 2013

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