Bridge Festivals on LandExclusive Bridge Festivals Personally Conducted by
Audrey Grant and the Better Bridge Team

The festivals feature fun-filled days of bridge. You'll find yourself playing better bridge by the time you leave - and will be fascinated to see the game in a more exciting, dynamic light. The teaching techniques have you comfortably involved from beginning to end. You can register with or without a partner. We'll be happy to get a fourth for bridge.
For more information about festivals, email festivals@betterbridge.com


Date Location Program Further Details
March 23, 2017 Parkinson Research Fundraiser
Ottawa, ON
Making an Impact on Defense Natasha


Date Location Program Further Details
March 5, 2017 McGregor Point Bridge Club
Fort Myers, FL map
Take a closer look Rick or Val
March 6, 2017 Bridge Club of Naples
Naples, FL map
Take a closer look Guy Germer
March 7, 2017 Vero Beach Bridge Club
Vero Beach, FL map
Take a closer look Kim Howard
March 19, 2017 Mississauga-Oakville Bridge Centre
Mississauga, ON map
Take a closer look mail@mobridge.club
April 21, 2017 Burlington Golf and Country Club
Burlington, ON map
Take a closer look Kathy Frigon
April 25, 2017 Georgian Shores United Church
Owen Sound, ON map
Take a closer look Kathy Frigon
May 12 - 13, 2017 Riverdale Tennis Club
St. John’s, NL map
Take a closer look Joan Fitzgerald


Festival Follow-up

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Who should come to a festival?

A.Any player interested in getting the best bridge tips in the world should come to an Audrey Grant Better Bridge Festival. The tips are practical and show the concepts in the context of carefully constructed deals.

Q. How good do you have to be?

A. Players with thousands of masterpoints have come away from the Festivals with useful information.

Q. How can you deliver multi-level material?

A.After years of experience and deliberate observation of advanced teaching techniques, we are confident that participants with different levels of experience and skill come away with ideas that they can use to improve their game.

Q. Who teaches the course?

A. The festivals listed in the Festival Calendar are personally conducted by Audrey Grant.

Interested in Hosting a Festival?

If you are interested in bringing a Better Bridge Festival personally conducted by Audrey Grant to your area, email kathy@betterbridge.com.