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Welcome to Audrey Grant's Interactive Daily Bridge Column

Thousands of enthusiastic bridge players receive the Interactive Daily Bridge Column every day. They have a way to improve their bridge, keep mentally fit, and be entertained with world-class bridge information. We’d like to invite you to be part of the group.
First download Audrey Grant's Bridge App. When you click the button below, the App download will automatically begin, and you'll be taken to a page with installation instructions. After installing the App, you’ll have the opportunity to try seven sample columns before registering. When you register, you'll receive a complimentary 7-day subscription to experience the Interactive Daily Bridge Column, which will arrive in your inbox each morning.
Here's an overview of the different types of columns.

Sunday represents the ten-question Bidding Quiz.  There’s a new topic every week. The topic for the sample column is: advancing partner’s take-out double when right-hand opponent comes into the auction.  The lesson information is available by clicking the COLUMN button.

Monday presents a challenge for declarer and, at the same time, shows the bidding topic in an instructional deal.

Tuesday puts you on defense, playing with a highly trained robot.   

Wednesday the Master Solver’s Club gives you the chance to experience that players with different levels of expertise often have individual opinions about the best bid.  Give your opinion and see the experts who agree with you.

Thursday is a column from Eddie Kantar. Most of us are familiar with the wit and uniqueness of Kantar’s columns. You play the deal! The interactive feature of the columns will surprise and please you.

Friday there is a puzzle to solve. You "Play Detective" to find the best play or defense based on the auction and the cards played by your opponents.

Saturday is the most challenging column and comes from the world of the expert players.  You might solve the problem right away or read the column and then try the deal again.

We look forward to your feedback, and would look forward to your being part of the Interactive Daily Bridge Column Group.



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