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Audrey Grant's Better Bridge hosts duplicate games on Bridge Base Online every Thursday and Saturday. Below you will find instructions for attending the games. Other useful resources can be found at the bottom of this page.



Duplicate Bridge Club (awarding ACBL Masterpoints)

Description: ACBL Sanctioned Duplicate Games. 18-board games with 7 minutes per board. Master Points are awarded. Post-game email with expert write-up of 2-4 hands from the game.
Weekday Schedule: Thursdays at 3:00pm ET (US and Canada). Bridge Base Online registration will open at 1:00pm ET.
Weekend Schedule: Saturdays at 1:30pm ET (US and Canada). Bridge Base Online registration will open at 11:30am ET.
Fee: USD $5.00. Pay through Bridge Base Online using BB$.

Eligible Players list registration is required, but ONLY NEEDS TO BE DONE ONCE. You will then be able to register on BBO for any future weekly duplicate games for masterpoints, hosted by Better Bridge.

Please note the new registration requirements.
Both members of partnership must be on our Eligible Player List. Some players are now finding their registration blocked.
If you would like to play with a guest for one week, you will be accommodated, provided that you inform Martin at least 10 min before game time ( email or BBO message - see BBO support below).
Requests after 2:50 pm ET on Thursdays, or 1:20 pm ET on Saturdays may not be accommodated.
Please encourage your guests to register for the Eligible Players List using the button below.

Weekly Eligible Player List registration deadline for new participants is Saturday at 11:00am Eastern Time. Registrations after this time will be blocked on BBO until the following week's game.

Eligible Player List Registration

BBO Instructions

We have included a new link to find Audrey Grant games on BBO. Additional instructions are listed below.

Find Audrey Grant Games on BBO

Any Thursday after 1:00pm ET, or Saturday after 11:30am ET, Login to Bridge Base Online ( BBO ). From the home screen, on the left hand side:

  • Click Competitive > All Tournaments
  • From the list of pending tournaments, find our game: Audrey Grant Bridge
  • Click on game ( white box, under Title )
  • You will see a screen with 4 tabs: Register, Details, Entries, Partnership Desk
  • If you have a partner click on “Register” and enter your partner’s BBO ID to invite them
    ( Both of you must be online - and have BB$ in your account )
  • You will be notified if your registration is successful and be returned to the Tournaments screen, where our game will now be highlighted in yellow. If unsure, you can go back to the Registration window and check under "Entries"
  • If you don't have a partner, then at least 1 hour before game time, click on Partnership Desk and invite one of the other players ( Blue Invite Button ) to be your partner, or add your name to the list
  • You may chat with a prospective partner by clicking on their Name and messaging them
  • If you add your name to the list, you must remain at your computer for an invitation
  • Once connected and registered, you may discuss your Agreements / Convention Card with your partner by clicking on their Name

Once registered ( All players are expected to be registered by 2:50 pm on Thursday, or 1:20 pm on Saturday ), wait for the game to start – it will start automatically.
Make sure to be at your computer by 2:55 pm on Thursday, or 1:25 pm on Saturday, and that you haven't lost connectivity with BBO.
You cannot be in the Casual area or playing Solitaire, at game time.

Bridge Base Online ( BBO ) Support
Your Game Director is Martin Hunter ( BBO ID - VACB 277368 )
You may contact Martin on BBO via the Host name, within 2 hours of Game time.
You may contact Martin via email ( [email protected] ) or phone ( 905-510-0411 ) any time up until 15 min to game time.
Game Results
After the game is finished, you can click the button below to find the results.


Additional Resources


Convention Card Tutorial

Convention Card - Grant Standard Example
Convention Card Download

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Online Abbreviations

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Calling A Director on BBO

Alert Procedure - Inverted Minor

Alert Procedure - New Minor Forcing

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