Five Steps to Simplify the End Play

Five Steps to Simplify the End Play
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Requires : Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS 10.9 or newer, iOS 7 or newer.

These interactive lessons simplify the endplay, making it accessible to players with a wide range of experience and skill.

The idea, that even in the face of bad luck, there is a way to make the contract, has fascinated bridge players for decades. By following Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay you will experience the magic of this technique.

While you’re learning and practicing this specific skill, you’ll notice your declarer play improves.


The first step, using Declarer’s Plan, is a good habit. You start to know what’s going on in the deal before you play a card to the first trick.

The focus is to present the best information to introduce you to the concept of the endplay. I’m confident, you’ll enjoy the game more as a result of having this information at your finger tips.


·         Introduction

·         1. The Basic Idea: Understand What is Going on in the Deal - Use the Five Steps to implement the endplay

·         2. Recognize a Suit Better Led by a Defender - Improve your odds even when cards are poorly placed

·         3. Identify the Exit Card to Put a Defender on Lead - Play the exit card near the End of the deal

·         4. Eliminate the Defender's Options - Play trumps and side suits before the exit card

·         5. The Throw-In: Put a Defender on Lead with the Exit Card - Play the exit card when the defender has no winning options

·         Practice Deals

·         Glossary 

Thank you for being part of Better Bridge.

All the best,
Audrey Grant

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