Bridge Festivals on LandExclusive Bridge Cruises Personally Conducted by
Audrey Grant and the Better Bridge Team

A cruise with Audrey and the Better Bridge Team is an opportunity to be introduced to the world's most current, dynamic, bridge information. Through carefully prepared deals, you'll feel the simple elegance of how the cards work together and you'll take home tips that will improve your game. Combine bridge with cruising and you have the ingredients for an extraordinary voyage. You'll be part of the onboard, international, bridge community and find yourself arranging future cruises with your new bridge-playing friends, or deciding to play together on the Internet.

Cruise Calendar

Date Cruise Schedule Booking Information
October 15, 2023
October 25, 2023
Quebec City to New York, NY
Silversea - Silver Shadow
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Never Been on a Cruise?

The Hudson was like a grand stage, the liners a superb cast of characters!

William H. Miller, Jr.
The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners

"As a youngster growing up in the fifties on the Hoboken shore, just across the Hudson River from the docks of New York City, I was thoroughly fascinated with the comings and goings of the great liners. There were then over 60 different passenger ships using the port. The Hudson was like a grand stage, the liners a superb cast of characters. Almost every day had at least one inbound or departing liner. But if seeing these beautiful queens was exciting, going aboard was thrilling. It was like entering some magical world. A fresh and sudden spell took hold from the very moment that you crossed the gangway, stepping from the functional steel structure of one of those long, bleak piers into the warmth, vitality and sense of excitement of a ship's entrance foyer. It was a thrill, a joy, almost a delicious bewilderment. The experience on board is matchless!" William H. Miller, Jr. The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners



Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Do I have to book through a specific travel agency?

A. Yes. The exclusive groups personally conducted by Audrey Grant and the Better Bridge Team are only available through The Cruise Professionals. The contact information is listed under Booking Information.on the Cruise Calendar.

Q. What is the bridge schedule for these private cruises?

A. There is a two-hour bridge seminar once a day, including port days. The material shares the most current tips for bidding, play, and defense. There are also two sanctioned games on most days. For more information on the daily schedule for your cruise, select Schedule on the Cruise Calendar. You can participate in these events as it suits your schedule.

Q. Do I need a partner?

A. No. The Better Bridge Team will arrange partnerships among the guests. You can feel comfortable coming to the games and lessons without a partner. Many of our guests take advantage of this service!

Q. Are the games sanctioned?

A. Yes. The duplicate games are sanctioned by American Contract Bridge League. The masterpoint awards are somewhat lower than those for awarded at a regular club game because the games are shorter (two hours) and run in a more relaxed atmosphere.